Welcome to Complete Care

A Full Service Emergency Room

Complete Care strives to provide timely, affordable and high-quality emergency medical care to the local community in a full-service 24-hour emergency room. Each of our ER centers offers all of the services of a hospital-based emergency room but without the typical long wait times. Regardless of the level of injury or illness you are facing, the physicians at Complete Care deliver a full range of emergency treatment services for both adults and children.

24 Hour ER Center

You never have to set an appointment at any of our conveniently located ER facilities. Our 24 hour ER facilities are open seven days a week including holidays. Whether you have a minor illness or a major emergency, our ER’s are always open to provide you with timely medical care.

Advanced Emergency Room Services

At Complete Care, each of our ER facilities has become the areas first choice for emergency room care. By combining state-of-the-art centers with top emergency physicians, we are confident that you will receive proper treatment for any of the emergency services you might need. Our experienced medical staff are dedicated to providing each of our patients with compassionate care.

Conveniently Located

When you are in need of urgent care and attention and you can’t get in to see your doctor for ailments or major emergencies, we want to be your first choice for emergency care. Complete Care emergency rooms gives Texas patients the option to receive emergency services without going to a hospital, and our expanded services and 24 hour availability can make us a better option than your typical urgent care center. To better serve Texas, our free-standing ER locations are conveniently found in Corpus Christi emergency room, El Paso emergency room, Fort Worth emergency room, San Antonio emergency room and Southlake emergency room.